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PlanetObserver geospatial data used in SkyExplorer

PlanetObserver is providing reworked satellite images and elevation maps ready to use.

To create their 3 products (PlanetSAT, PlanetDEM and PlanetAIR), the company collects data from various sources such as NASA and IGN (the french National Geographic Institute) and processes them in order to achieve a high quality and homogeneous product.

We have been working with PlanetObserver for 10 years to model the surface of the whole Earth in SkyExplorer, with a resolution of 15m per pixel. This is a unique relationship that we share as we have the exclusivity of using these data for planetariums. Since 2014, PlanetObserver also provides us with patches, which are high resolution images, up to 10cm per pixel for imagery and 1m for elevation. Recently, PlanetObserver equipped us with a patch representing the valley of Grenoble (see gallery).

Plus, as our software SkyExplorer works off-line, you will be able to project these images even if the internet doesn’t work ! 


Forecasts: Within a year, we hope to use their new mosaic which offers a 10m per pixel thanks to the Sentinel 2 satellite.


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