A new RSA Cosmos system in the USA!

Riverview High School Planetarium unveils cosmic upgrade 

The Riverview High School Planetarium in Florida-US has undergone a transformative upgrade, thanks to RSA Cosmos, elevating its educational offerings to new celestial heights.

The existing digital solution has been replaced with a Barco laser phosphor F80-4K12 projector. 

The cutting-edge 12,000 lumens projection system delivers images with an exceptional level of detail and vibrant, intense colours.

Enhancing interactivity, the planetarium now features a Gamepad, iPad, and JL Cooper Console. The facility extends its reach beyond its walls, offering high-quality educational sessions county-wide.

The Riverview High School Planetarium’s mission remains to educate and inspire. The immersive experience, coupled with modern technology, aims to instil a passion for astronomy among students and the wider community.

We are proud to be part of this fantastic project and grateful to Riverview High School Planetarium for their trust!

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