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Choose your dome size

4-8m = 20-40 seats9-12m = 40-80 seats13-16m = 80-150 seats17-19m = 150-200 seats>20m = >200 seatsInflatableI don't know
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Projection System
Choose your technology

2D3DHybridI don't knowNone

Meridian resolution

1.6K2.5K4K8KReal 8K10K+I don't knowNone


LEDLASERI don't knowNone
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Choose your screen

SeamlessMicro Perforated AluminiumFiberI don't knowNone

Choose your seats

Tilted Seats4D SeatsAudience Response System IntegrationI don't knowNone
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Audio & Cove Lighting
Choose your audio system

5.1 audio system7.1 audio system3D audio systemI don't knowNone

Choose Your Planetarium Lighting

LEDI don't knowNone
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What services would you like?

WarrantyMaintenanceI don't knowNone

Choose your accessories

AutocalibrationInduction loopSpare projectorProduction StationCritical spare partsSkyExplorer Production DomeMultilingual systemSkyExplorer streamingShowsAudience Response System
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