LED Dome System

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Amazing images

LED Dome Manten Nagoya
  • Higher brightness & levels of contrast
  • Wider color gamut
  • Vivid colors & deep black colors
  • Beautiful starry skies
  • Highly realistic rendering
  • Unprecedented quality

Absolute immersion

  • 360 images fully generated by leds
  • Most realistic 3D images
  • Highest resolutions from 4K to 16K+
  • Greater sense of immersion
LED Dome Manten Nagoya 2

Expert specifications

direct viewing LED
Dome diameter
7 to 28 m
Pixel pitch
1.9 mm to 5.4 mm
600 cd/m² (max)
Full 8K (standard), 5K to 16K
Bit depth
8 bit/10 bit