Grand Opening of the World’s First LED Dome Planetarium with SkyExplorer!

We are glad to announce the Official Opening of Konica Minolta Planetarium MANTEN NAGOYA in Japan, our 1st LED Dome planetarium!

This Wednesday October 27th, 2021, is a great day for the RSA Cosmos – Konica Minolta teams and sets a new milestone in the planetarium industry.
The RSA Cosmos-Konica Minolta Planetarium teams have the expertise to install perfectly operational LED Dome systems in planetariums across the world!

Our 1st LED Dome planetarium Manten Nagoya brings a whole new experience to visitors!

The rendering is breathtaking and achieves an unequalled level of quality, since we installed our hardware and software, SkyExplorer, with the most efficient settings for LED Dome displays.
In the 15m dome of Manten Nagoya, we installed a high-performing Full 8K LED Dome system and we adapted our hardware and software, SkyExplorer named Media Globe ∑ SE in Japan, to work perfectly with the World’s First Fine Pitch Fulldome display.
By combining our technological strengths with the best LED screen, we achieve the most stunning and realistic images in real time with the most incredible rendering, the highest picture quality, the highest levels of brightness and contrasts, the widest color gamut, vivid colors and deep black colors, beautiful starry skies, and unprecedented quality.

The all-around experience is unbelievable!
In Manten Nagoya planetarium, directly managed by Konica Minolta Planetarium, visitors will discover breathtaking renderings while listening to music, and can even contemplate the Universe from nice & comfortable sofas.
Last week, a Pre-Grand Opening was organized. Residents, planetariums, partners were able to live this experience.

We were honored that Mr Yamana, President & CEO of Konica Minolta Inc., was present for this Pre-Grand Opening.

Next, we will open our 2nd LED Dome planetarium in Yokohama in March 2022!

Our teams are installing a high-performing Full 8K LED Dome system in the 15m dome.

We have gained the know-how and expertise to install the most efficient & operational LED Dome systems, and this, for any project required!

We are able to install LED Dome systems up to 16K resolutions, and for every dome size.
We have developed expert specifications to offer LED Dome systems from 5K to 16K and for dome sizes between 7 and 23m.

With flexible and customized curved shapes.
We can install our LED Dome system for every design shape that is required.

RSA Cosmos & Konica Minolta Planetarium are glad to bring the most performing LED Dome systems to the industry and bring ever more entertainment to the audience!

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