The Biggest Traditional Planetarium in the World with SkyExplorer !

We were thrilled to install this year the new powerful digital system in the impressive 35m Planetarium of the Nagoya City Science Museum in Japan, using not only one but 3 projection systems along with our software SkyExplorer.

We brought together a grand total of 16 JVC projectors in the 35m planetarium with one system dedicated to the Allsky projection, one to the Milky Way and one to the Panorama. The rendering is just astonishing & the possibilities available are huge! We also installed a 5m production room!

“By unifying these systems with SkyExplorer, named Media Globe ∑ SE in Japan, we can produce the most efficient show programs. We are able to create our original shows using the great features available in SkyExplorer and offer amazing planetarium sessions to the audience, revealing our unique style which is live talk about celestial phenomenon of the day by professional curators”, says the Planetarium’s team.

In the 35m omnidirectional dome with a capacity of 350 seats, the audience lives an absolute immersive experience with a 360° visualization of the content. The seats not only lean back, but also turn left and right to get different views of the vast celestial canopy.

Nagoya City Science Museum offers visitors a majestic scientific experience. Visitors will be able to learn all about Astronomy, but also Science & Technology & Sciences, and Life Sciences. Read more about the Nagoya City Science Museum via their website

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