SkyExplorer in the 1st Permanent Planetarium in Luxembourg!

The first permanent planetarium in Luxembourg opened its doors in the Luxembourg Science Center in December 2021, after we installed in the 6m dome our powerful software SkyExplorer along with a BARCO projection system and our unequalled technology the full iPad control.

In the Luxembourg Science Center, a fun and entertaining discovery center dedicated to science and technology, everything is brought together to offer visitors the best observations and interactions with the wonders of our world: 75 interactive stations, spectacular science shows, daily workshops and now SkyExplorer to offer the most stunning and realistic journeys through the Universe along with an interactive experience.

As Julien Meyer, scientific mediator at the Luxembourg Science Center writes “In the very first and unique permanent planetarium in Luxembourg, families live unforgettable interstellar journeys. Thanks to RSA Cosmos’s software, SkyExplorer, visitors travel in real time from the Earth to far-away galaxies, and discover the most realistic night sky based on both the laws of physics and scientific data”.

Thanks to our unequalled technology the Full iPad Control, users enjoy the exact same graphical user interface and content on the iPad & on the dome, enabling them to interact with the audience directly from the dome and even let the audience take control and navigate through the Universe.

Many thanks to the team of the Luxembourg Science Center for this project, offering yet another great scientific experience to their visitors.

Read all about the Luxembourg Science Center on their website.

SkyExplorer in Luxembourg Science Center Planetarium

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