An Impressive Immersive Experience for our 1st Planetarium in Thailand!

SkyExplorer steps yet into another country!
With our partner Rightman, the RSA Cosmos – Konica Minolta Japanese & European team installed in the impressive 19.5m dome of the Rangsit Science Centre For Education, an 8K digital system bringing together powerful technologies : 6x 4K GTZ280 Sony projectors and our state-of-the-art software SkyExplorer, along with interactive and interconnected tools: our unequalled technology the full iPad control, a gamepad and a JL Cooper console.

When smart interactive tools are also interconnected, and are combined with the most breathtaking renderings, the experience is fascinating for both the audience and the planetarium operators and gives access to unlimited possibilities!

We installed in the 19.5m dome our powerful software SkyExplorer and 6 x 4K GTZ280 Sony projectors, to offer visitors of the planetarium of the Rangsit Science Centre For Education, memorable and impressive immersive experiences. Visitors discover the most stunning and scientifically accurate content in real time, and step into breathtaking journeys through the Universe with the highest levels of image quality.

As Capt. Arsis Cheryklin, Ph.D., Director of the Rangsit Science Centre for Education, writes: “I’m overjoyed that our planetarium is being upgraded and outfitted with the latest Konica Minolta and RSA Cosmos digital star projectors, which have a high-resolution projection quality and allow us to show accurate sky features and planets down to their tiniest and most realistic details. The new system allows us to display 3D models of satellites and space stations, as well as other open-source objects from the online community, in order to keep us up to date on new data from world-class and well-known organizations. I feel that by upgrading our planetarium this time, our Science Centre for Education will become a more interesting place for students and the broader public.”

The immersive experience is also raised to the next level thanks to the interactive tools we installed.

Thanks to our unequalled technology the Full iPad Control, planetarium operators enjoy the exact same graphical user interface and content on the iPad & on the dome, enabling them to interact with the audience directly from the dome.

Planetarium operators can then pick up the gamepad for smoother controls to fly through Saturn’s rings or around our 3D Volumetric Milky Way for example. True gamers will be mesmerized by this interactive experience !

Planetarium operators can go to their control desk at any time and control SkyExplorer without even needing to switch on the screen of the computer thanks to the JL Cooper Eclipse manual console. This console with its customizable control surface offers users superior levels of control, great ease-of-use and tactile assurance, for smooth and fast controls. 

Many thanks to our partner Rightman for this impressive installation in Thailand and for their support. Mr Upathum Nisitsukcharoen, CEO of Rightman Group, writes “I have confidence in the quality of Konica Minolta and RSA Cosmos’ digital planetarium system, especially for large domes like the one we have here in Rangsit, as an official partner for planetarium products in Thailand. Konica Minolta and RSA Cosmos’ product, which is delivered with cutting-edge technology and innovation, is our first choice for the advancement of Thailand’s planetarium system”.

Many thanks also to our partner Rightman for the great event they organized surrounding the opening of the planetarium, creating an exhibition entitled “Moving to Mars” in order to fully experience the sensation of entering this space!


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