A Planetarium Renovation in Poland!

RSA Cosmos renovated “Olsztyńskie Planetarium i Obserwatorium Astronomiczne” with its long-term partner AB-Micro

In December 2023, the Polish Planetarium and Astronomic Observatory (Olsztyńskie Planetarium i Obserwatorium Astronomiczne) in Olsztyn revealed its revamped facility thanks to RSA Cosmos. The planetarium underwent extensive renovations to provide an immersive experience for visitors.

Initially built to honour Nicolaus Copernicus, the planetarium and astronomic observatory of Olsztyn has been a beacon of scientific advancement. The renovation aimed to modernize the facility while preserving its historical significance.

With support from AB Micro, we installed a 2D system in the 15m dome using 2x Sony GTZ 380 projectors, delivering a 4K dome resolution with an optimal 16 000:1 native contrast. Achieving very high levels of contrasts thanks to the SXRD 4K panels, and offering rich colours reproducing without losing any brightness.

This new setup replaces the existing system used since 2012. Visitors can now explore the cosmos with clarity and detail using SkyExplorer software.

A significant transformation

“It’s like switching from a worn-out Opel to the latest Ferrari,” metaphorically compares Magdalena Pilska-Piotrowska, director of the Olsztyn Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory.

Since reopening, the Olsztyn Planetarium has become a top destination for tourists and locals alike, sparking curiosity about space.

After the Maritime Science Center (in Szczecin), the Centre for Astronomical Education of the University of Wrocław (in Białków), the Silesian Planetarium Science Park (in Chorzów), and the Polish Naval Academy (in Gdynia), another planetarium joins the SkyExplorer community in Poland, brought to life by RSA Cosmos and AB Micro!

Many thanks to Olsztyńskie Planetarium i Obserwatorium Astronomiczne and AB Micro for this project!


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