New RSA Cosmos installation at Shanghai Fengxian Youth Activity Center, China

In a groundbreaking development for astronomy enthusiasts in China, RSA Cosmos has unveiled its latest installation at the Shanghai Fengxian Youth Activity Center. Teaming up with Merak Cosmos. This project promises to revolutionize the celestial experience in the region since its opening on May 4th 2023.
At the heart of the installation lies a 10-meter dome, endurescreen with micro perforation technology, delivering a 4k resolution. Enhancing the immersive experience, are 2x SONY GTZ 380 projectors, renowned for their remarkable 16,000:1 native contrast ratio and vibrant colours.
Configured with a dual cove setup, the system optimizes viewing for all attendees, while an integrated tablet and JL Cooper Eclipse Console add interactivity and control. 
Fengxian Youth Activity Center is set to offer an unforgettable journey through the cosmos thanks to SkyExplorer software! 
RSA Cosmos extends its gratitude to Fengxian and Merak Cosmos for their collaboration on this remarkable project, which promises to inspire wonder and curiosity for years to come!

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