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  • 14 Oct

    The highest planetarium in Europe has just opened! It is located in the French mountains Pyrenees at 2,877 m high, on the emblematic summit of the Pic du Midi. ...

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  • 07 Jun

    Visit the new 4K SkyExplorer theater in Antalya (Turkey) inaugurated by the Turkish President Mr. Erdoğan himself! ...

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  • BlackHole_accretion
    02 Jun

    SkyExplorer once again has released world premieres in the planetarium field that we are happy to share with you. ...

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  • PolarisAwardSlovakia
    28 Jan

    This happened during the Astrofilm festival in Piestany (Slovakia) where the show “Polaris, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night” has received the Audience Choice Award ! ...

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  • 04 Nov

    After Brno in the Czech Republic and Yaroslavl in Russia, the show “Polaris, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night” was rewarded again! ...

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  • ReleaseSkyExplorer3.3
    13 Oct

    Beginning in September 2015, version 3.3 of the astronomical simulation software has been installed with updates in new RSA Cosmos installations. Several improvements and new features enable an even m...

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  • 21 Sep

    From June 29th to July 1st, 2015 the Nantes Planetarium welcomed the Second Meeting of SkyExplorer Users. A cheerful atmosphere accompanied these days of meeting and sharing between people working for...

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  • Poster Polaris US
    10 Feb

    The latest production of the Saint-Étienne Planetarium: Polaris, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night. This spectacular and educational adventure for children of all ages was scre...

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  • Skyexplorerontv
    06 Jan

    In September 2014 a documentary entitled” Between Earth and Sky” was broadcast on the European channel Arte. ...

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