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  • 17 Apr

    In 2016, we had the chance to work with James Sweitzer (Planetarium consultant, past Director of NASA Space Center, past Director of Astrophysics Education at the American Museum of Natural History, ...

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  • 11 Apr

    Recently, RSA Cosmos organized two “User Forum”: the first one was held at the Victor Anestin Astronomical Observatory in Bacau, ROMANIA; and the second one at the Charles W.Brown Planetarium in ...

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  • 11 Apr

    A new 14m planetarium has finally opened in Romania… in a Zoo! It is located in the Brasov Zoo Park, and we are really proud to be part of this project. During a month, from January to February...

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  • 04 Apr

    Film-maker & producer of astronomy shows since 1993, The Saint-Etienne Planetarium chose us, RSA Cosmos, as the exclusive distributor of its movies. Since then, many shows have been released and ...

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  • 04 Apr

    PlanetObserver is providing reworked satellite images and elevation maps ready to use. To create their 3 products (PlanetSAT, PlanetDEM and PlanetAIR), the company collects data from various sources ...

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  • 14 Oct

    The highest planetarium in Europe has just opened! It is located in the French mountains Pyrenees at 2,877 m high, on the emblematic summit of the Pic du Midi. ...

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  • 07 Jun

      Visit the new 4K SkyExplorer theater in Antalya (Turkey) inaugurated by the Turkish President Mr. Erdoğan himself! The planetarium was installed at the occasion of the Expo 2016, held from Ap...

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  • 02 Jun

      SkyExplorer once again has released world premieres in the planetarium field that we are happy to share with you: The first 3D Real Time Black Hole This Schwarzschild black hole representation...

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  • 28 Jan

    This happened during the Astrofilm festival in Piestany (Slovakia) where the show “Polaris, the space submarine and the mystery of the polar night” has received the Audience Choice Award ! ...

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