Unveiling a Celestial Experience in Angola’s Capital

RSA Cosmos Illuminates Luanda Science Center with State-of-the-Art Hybrid Planetarium

In an exemplary collaboration with our partner Athena SWISS AG, RSA Cosmos proudly announces its central role in the installation of a cutting-edge hybrid planetarium at the Luanda Science Center in Angola. This transformative project promises to elevate the scientific and educational landscape of the region, offering visitors a celestial experience like never before.

The centerpiece of this installation is a 8-meter diameter dome equipped with hybrid technology where 2x SONY GTZ 280 projectors deliver a 4K dome resolution with an optimal 20 000:1 native contrast. The installation also features a gamepad, an iPad, and a JL Cooper Eclipse Console, enhancing interactivity for the planetarium’s presenters.

We also delivered a 5-meter diameter SkyEx Rover mobile planetarium allowing public outreach outside the museum’s boundaries. 

The inauguration, on December 20, 2023, was attended by the President of Angola, João Lourenço. On this occasion, President Lourenço emphasized the significance of the investment made and stressed the enduring importance of the sustainability of this project.

Luanda Science Center: A Hub of Scientific Wonder and Innovation

The Luanda Science Center stands as a beacon of innovation with its original and captivating infrastructure. The planetarium was ingeniously installed within a giant planet structure, creating the illusion of levitation. This visionary project goes beyond the celestial realm, offering visitors a multifaceted experience that includes interactive exhibitions, an auditorium, and even a butterfly garden for the most dreamers!

Congratulations to the Luanda Science Center for this ambitious undertaking! By bringing together cutting-edge technology and a visionary approach, the Center is set to play a pivotal role in promoting science and fostering a spirit of innovation in Angola. It underscores the commitment of both RSA Cosmos and the Luanda Science Center to to advancing scientific education and exploration.

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