A second youth for the Ludiver Planetarium in La Hague, France!

After months of work, the Ludiver Planetarium is now equipped with RSA Cosmos Industry 8k technology.

The 10-meter dome was recently equipped with 6x Sony GTZ 280 projectors, installed all around the dome, for a stunning image experience! This system replaced an old Zeiss Starball. The sound technology has also been improved, adopting a spatial 5.1 audio system. A major change thanks to RSA Cosmos!

The installed system comprises a gamepad, an iPad, and the JL Cooper Eclipse Console. This comprehensive setup facilitates fast and intuitive manipulation, enhancing the overall user experience. 

 Since the end of October 2023, visitors can now attend a 45-minute session animated with SkyExplorer software for a unique immersive journey through the cosmos! At the Ludiver Planetarium, you can now contemplate the starry skies and travel through the cosmos thanks to 4 scientific mediators!

Ludiver is a place that also has a mobile planetarium solution. With its 5m 2D mobile and inflatable dome, it is transportable and quick to set up, allowing you to explore the solar system anytime, anywhere. Equipped with SkyEx Rover, and BARCO F80-4k7 projectors, Ludiver brings the cosmos to your doorstep. 

This state-of-the-art installation in the Ludiver Planetarium by RSA Cosmos will undoubtedly make you travel through time and the universe!

Many thanks to the team of the Ludiver Planetarium for this exciting renovation project, offering a great visual and sound experience to their visitors!




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