Inside the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Mission with SkyExplorer’s Animated 3D Models!

Yesterday, Mars Perseverance Rover arrived successfully on the Martian ground!
Our R&D team has developed animated 3D models of the Perseverance Rover & the Mars Helicopter Ingenuity to step into the Mars 2020 mission with SkyExplorer.

The animated 3D models are available for our worldwide community of users in our Cloud Community. Users & the audience will be able to live the most realistic experiences on Mars by following Perseverance & Ingenuity’s explorations!

Our R&D team developed advanced models of the Perseverance rover & the Mars helicopter Ingenuity with incredible animations in order to reproduce them & their actions with the greatest accuracy & the most realistic rendering.

The 3D model of Perseverance illustrates the exploration in Jezero crater on Mars with exceptional realism. Its camera and arm deploy to drill and collect samples, and the wheels automatically rotate when the rover is on the move. The terrain texture is also incredible on Jezero crater thanks to an offline HD imagery & elevation patch, allowing for a definition down to 25cm per pixel.
The 3D model of Mars Helicopter Ingenuity imitates the powered flight, which will help in planning the best driving route for future Mars rovers, with great realism thanks to the animated rotors.

These models are now available in our Cloud Community!

Our Cloud Community gives access to a wide range of advanced & animated 3D models and to the most realistic & stunning images.
The content is shared by a worldwide community of users & is highly connected to the astronomical community.
Users can stay tuned to the latest news, receive notifications, upload & download easily, and react to the data posted. 

Many thanks to our worldwide community of users for sharing great content & to our dynamic R&D team for the stunning & cutting-edge developments available in our powerful astronomical software SkyExplorer!

Congratulations to all the teams involved in the fantastic adventure of the Mars 2020 Perseverance Mission!
If you wish to discover more regarding this mission, please follow the links to the NASA website: Perseverance rover & Mars Helicopter Ingenuity.

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