Dnipro Planetarium Noosphere, a high-performing installation in Ukraine!

With the very dynamic Noosphere Planetarium team & our partner SDT Ukraine, we installed in 2020 a digital fulldome system with 6 Norxe P1 projectors using the new generation LED illumination technology.

The rendering is remarkable when visualizing SkyExplorer with the Norxe P1 projectors in the 11.5m dome. The audience will live stunningly realistic experiences!

As the Noosphere Planetarium team writes: “The Noosphere Planetarium team is pleased to work with the SkyExplorer system and give our visitors an exciting experience. We thank RSA Cosmos for modern technologies and the Noosphere Association for giving everyone the opportunity to explore and enjoy an interesting Universe”.

The Norxe P1 projectors with led lighting enable superior picture quality and color with great levels of brightness & contrast, vivid colors & deep black colors.

Many thanks to Valentina Polishchuk, the project manager of Dnipro Planetarium Noosphere, to her team, to Alexander Klimenko, the CEO of SDT Ukraine & to Elena Tveritneva, the project manager, for their precious help, their expertise, and their engagement all along this project.

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