Alongside one of Poland’s greatest astronomical observatories!

In the Astronomical Education Center of the University of Wroclaw in Bialków, we installed with our partner AB-MICRO in 2020, a duo 4K digital fulldome system using GTZ240 Sony projectors & our exclusive technology, the Full iPad Control.

The key ingredients for great experiences are brought together: astronomical expertise, stunning rendering & exclusive interactive tools!

As prof. Pawel Rudawy, professor at the Astronomical Institute of the University of Wroclaw and an inventor of the AEC writes: “Thanks to the outstanding image quality and the superb software by RSA Cosmos, our new planetarium is an excellent educational and entertainment tool, which we will use not only for the highest quality education of pupils of all levels, starting literally from kindergarten, through elementary up to secondary schools, as well as also for popularizing sciences in the local community”.

Thanks to the professional astronomers, SkyExplorer and our exclusive technology, the Full iPad Control, users & the audience will live the most interactive experiences.  Users enjoy the exact same graphical user interface and content on the iPad & on the dome and create high levels of interaction with the audience directly from the dome.

Many thanks to our partner AB-MICRO & prof. Pawel Rudawy.
It was a great honor to work with the team of this wonderful Education Center, renowned for its modern approach to research and astronomical education.


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