A breathtaking fulldome experience in Epinal, in France!

We installed in 2020 a REAL 10K digital fulldome system using 12 x 4K JVC projectors in the 10m dome of the Epinal Planetarium to deliver outstanding experiences.

In Epinal planetarium, the audience will live the most realistic experiences thanks to SkyExplorer & the powerful 2D digital system installed.

We installed 12 x 4K projectors in the 10m dome to offer the best resolution and the greatest image quality with an outstanding rendering throughout the dome.

The pixel width has a record size of approximately 1.6mm equivalent to approximately 1.1 arcminutes. When standing even at 20cm (7.9in) from the negative-pressure screen & its smooth surface, the pixel is not visible!

As the Epinal Planetarium team writes: “Entering under the dome of a planetarium is already an invitation to an impressive journey. Under the dome of Epinal, this journey is breathtaking. The neatness of the stars which appear in the depth of the sky, the dynamism of the colors and the sharp contrast, emphasize the stunning realism of the images. The word immersion takes on its full meaning here, as the dome resembles a hand blown glass bubble”.

It was a great honor to work with Mr Didier Mathieu, the President of the APLF, and his team.
Many thanks to the Epinal Planetarium team for this stunning project!


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