A high-tech hybrid system in South Korea!

With our long-term partner Metaspace, we installed in 2020 in the Gimhae Astronomical Observatory, a duo 4K hybrid system bringing together highly advanced technologies: GTZ280 Sony projectors, a Megastar Neo starball, a JLCooper console & great interactive tools, totally synchronized with SkyExplorer 2021.

The wide range of advanced technologies installed in the 8m dome enables users to create the richest, smoothest and most interactive sessions with the audience.

We installed a great digital system using GTZ280 Sony projectors to offer a very precise rendering and great image quality with high levels of brightness & contrast; along with a powerful opto-mechanical system using a Megastar Neo starball to offer a magnificent starry sky.

We installed a powerful console, using JLCooper’s Eclipse customizable control surface, to offer users superior levels of control. It provides a great ease-of-use with tactile assurance, for smooth and fast controls. 

Furthermore, in order to provide exceptionally smooth navigation & memorable interactive experiences, we set up our exclusive technology, the Full iPad Control, and a gamepad. These tools enable users to interact with the audience directly from the dome & even let the audience navigate through the Universe.

As the Gimhae Planetarium manager, Mr. Jinho SON, writes: «Seamless integration of SkyExplorer with the optical starball Megastar makes our daily operation very easy. We are also very amazed to find it extremely easy to make a special show about Perseverance Rover available in the cloud community.».

In this fantastic scientific and cultural site with a strong astronomical cultural heritage, located at the peak of Bunseongsan Mountain, the audience can live incredible fulldome experiences inside the dome and outside, thanks to the breathtaking panorama which reveals a majestic starry sky at night.

Many thanks to our long-term partner Metaspace for this fascinating project.


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