The World’s First LED Dome Planetariums with SkyExplorer, by RSA Cosmos – Konica Minolta.

By combining our technological strengths, we will open the world’s first two LED Dome Planetariums with SkyExplorer, in Nagoya in Fall 2021 & in Yokohama in Spring 2022! 

Both planetariums, located in Japan, will be able to welcome 170 people to live stunning fulldome experiences thanks to the LED Dome system & SkyExplorer, named Media Globe ∑ SE in Japan. 

These two new planetariums represent the culmination of the know-how we have gained through years of experience in the planetarium industry & the alliance of our strong complementary companies, driven by ongoing innovation & customer satisfaction.

Together, we offer the most innovative turnkey solutions to planetariums and the ultimate solutions in the industry. Our expertise encompasses the dome design, equipment development, facility management, show production, cutting-edge technologies, along with the most powerful astronomical software, SkyExplorer.

In Nagoya & Yokohama, we will install an 8K LED Dome system combined with our powerful astronomical software in the 15m domes of these planetariums, directly operated by our Group.

Unlike the conventional projector-based dome system widely used today, the LED dome system produces images by using LED elements that emit light by themselves. Characterized by higher luminance and wider color gamut, the system can reproduce highly realistic and beautiful starry skies of unprecedented quality. Combined with SkyExplorer, we achieve the most stunning and realistic images in real time with the most incredible rendering.

To provide an always richer & technologically leading experience to users & the audience, we will also install the Connected Dome platform. This new-platform based service combines network and cloud services, which is designed to provide a wider range of contents by connecting planetariums via a network and to the Connected Dome Library. This fulldome digital content distribution service enables users to present with great flexibility a wider variety of shows and encourage repeat visitors.

We are confident that these planetariums will serve as popular entertainment facilities and for various other purposes with their versatility and ability to give an overwhelming sense of presence to audiences.

We will publish further news to share with you the work in progress & the opening of our first LED Dome planetariums! 


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