Two leading immersive environments for the new Science Centre Cosmocité

This leading innovative Science Centre located in the heart of the French Alps, has just opened its doors with two spectacular immersive environments powered by RSA Cosmos – Konica Minolta!

In this unique Science Centre of 2,000m², we installed a 13m planetarium equipped with a powerful 8K digital system using 6 x 4K Sony VPL-GTZ280 projectors, and a 3D interactive immersive room with a 12m x 6.75m projection surface (wall and floor) using 6 x 4K Sony VPL-GTZ380 projectors; both environments using our powerful softwares SkyExplorer & FreeDome.

We also developed great innovative and interactive content with the team of Cosmocité using FreeDome.

In the immersive room visitors can have fun interacting with great content and games displayed on the wall and on the floor. For example, visitors can take part in an escape game on glaciology which was developed with renowned glaciologists. They can also have fun trying to avoid meteorites. And this is only a glimpse of the great interactive experiences available!

In the planetarium visitors live outstanding journeys through the Universe and can also live innovative connected experiences with visitors playing in the immersive room. When visitors in the immersive room interact with the content, the audience in the planetarium witnesses their interactions!

An exceptional site to discover!

Many thanks to the teams of Cosmocité, Territoire de Sciences, La Casemate , Métropole de Grenoble for this fantastic project and for their trust. We are thrilled to be part of this innovative Science Centre.

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