The largest planetarium throughout the Eastern Mediterranean & 1st Planetarium in Cyprus

We are proud to have installed the world-class planetarium “The Cyprus Planetarium, Tamassou & Orinis”, bringing the largest planetarium throughout the Eastern Mediterranean with its 18m dome, and the first planetarium to Cyprus.

Achieving one of the highest resolutions in the world: 9,600 pixels on the meridian!

The President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nikos Christodoulidis, His Eminence Metropolitan Isaias of Tamassos & Orinis, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Cyprus Planetarium, Nuclear Astrophysicist from the University of Chicago Mr. Thanasis Ekonomou, were present for its grand opening. Discover a great video of the opening ceremony here!

A top-class turnkey solution for the largest planetarium throughout the Eastern Mediterranean

In the impressive 18m dome of The Cyprus Planetarium, Tamassou & Orinis, we installed a powerful digital system using 10 x 4K VPL-GTZ280 Sony projectors, along with our astronomical software SkyExplorer, achieving 9,600 pixels on the meridian.

The VPL-GTZ280 Sony projectors reach 5,000 lumens each through a laser light source, achieve very high levels of contrasts thanks to the SXRD 4K panels, and offer rich colors reproducing the DCI-P3 color gamut without losing any brightness.

By combining Sony’s and our leading technologies, ultra-realistic and stunning images in real time with the highest levels of brightness and contrasts were achieved, reaching the greatest levels of rendering and quality.

To offer memorable and interactive experiences, we installed powerful interactive and interconnected tools.
Our unequalled technology the Full Tablet Control, enabling planetarium operators to enjoy the exact same graphical user interface and content on the tablet & on the dome, and interact with the audience directly from the dome.
The gamepad bringing smoother controls to fly through Saturn’s rings or around SkyExplorer’s 3D Volumetric Milky Way for example, which can even be handed over to the audience to let them play! True gamers will be mesmerized by this interactive experience.

We also installed great planetarium equipment such as the dome screen, the lighting system, an audio system with a multilingual system, comfortable seats, everything needed to make the entire experience one to remember!

A state-of-the-art planetarium, centerpiece of an incredible facility!

The Cyprus Planetarium also has an Observatory which consists of a 4-meter robotic dome, and the observations can be live streamed directly into the dome!

There is also a 14”/356mm diameter telescope for viewing the night sky, a helioscope for daytime observing of the Sun and the spectacular solar flares, and a VR Game Hall is available with gaming simulators.

Many thanks to the The Cyprus Planetarium,Tamassou & Orinis, team for this spectactular project! 


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