The biggest planetarium in France, powered by RSA Cosmos – Konica Minolta & Sony!

The biggest planetarium in France, with its 22m dome, opened today March 29th, 2023, in the theme park, Vulcania, located in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

A leading planetarium for this majestic site: a powerful 10K 2D digital system with state-of-the-art equipment to bring the best planetarium experiences!

We installed in the 22m dome a powerful 10K 2D system using 12 x 4K VPL-GTZ380 Sony projectors along with our powerful astronomical software SkyExplorer, the dome screen, great seats integrating our unequalled interactive technology the Audience Response System, and all the planetarium equipment needed to achieve the best immersive experiences!

Sony’s VPL-GTZ380 projectors reach 10,000 lumens through a laser light source, achieve very high levels of contrasts thanks to the SXRD 4K panels, and offer rich colors reproducing the DCI-P3 color gamut without losing any brightness.

By combining Sony’s and our leading technologies, the highest resolution, image quality and rendering were achieved throughout the dome with the finest level of pixel.

Achieving breathtaking experiences

“Visit the biggest planetarium in France for an adventure to the heart of the solar system and beyond, with an extraordinary quality of projection and sound”, says the team of Vulcania.

Visitors will live stunning journeys through the Universe with our powerful astronomical software SkyExplorer, and will have great fun watching two fulldome shows we distribute, including one of our exclusive shows: the award-winning show Hazelnuts, in Search of the Perfect Planet, ideal for children from age 5+ and adults to discover all about life & astronomy while having fun! 

Visitors will be astonished by the revolutionary rendering, viewing 1,500 sq meter of projection, and by the capacity of the planetarium with its 306 seats! 

Bringing memorable interactive experiences

We installed great seats integrating our unequaled interactive technology, the Audience Response system, to offer memorable immersive experiences to both the audience and the planetarium team. Each armrest is equipped with one control panel allowing the audience to participate to quiz, select scenarios, & take direct control of the movement of the camera in the simulation, offering highly dynamic planetarium sessions and bringing great interaction between users & the audience.

A wonderful site to discover for its brand-new planetarium, all its other facilities & activities !

Vulcania is a unique park in Europe, that invites children an adults to explore its 3 thematic universes: volcanoes, natural phenomena and the Earth in in Space.
After celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2022 and its 7 millionth visitor, the 2023 season promises to be exceptional.
Inauguration of the largest planetarium in France, hosting the Tour de France, special events around volcanoes and cycling, and other highlights will punctuate the year and promise to attract a large number of visitors throughout the season!

This  great project was supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.


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