Our New Exclusive Show “GranPa & Zoe – Mission: Light” – Available Now!

We are the exclusive distributors of this fantastic new educational show available in 2D & 3D from 4K to 8K, inviting the audience to follow the adventures of GranPa & Zoe on their mission to save light.
Discover the great 3D animations made by 3D Emotion, the studio that had developed the animations for the award-winning shows Polaris & Lucia.

In this 28-minute fulldome show, produced by 3D Emotion & Mediastro Promotion, the key ingredients to captivate & delight the audience are brought together : great characters, amazing images & animations, a strong storyline full of action, scientifically accurate content & an incredible soundtrack. Children aged 6+ and adults will love it!

This show is a great tool for science education through entertainment since it combines scientifically accurate data with an entertaining storyline. Light is both the object of the characters’ quest, since they are trying to save it, and the means to success, since they have to understand it in order to advance.

The show immerses the spectator in immense environments from the Australian Outback into Space. The 8K and 3D versions deliver outstanding renderings & offer the audience an absolute immersive experience.

The greatest levels of realism & scientific accuracy are guaranteed throughout: the images of the starry sky & the Milky Way were reproduced using the ESA Gaia Catalogue, and every scientific principle presented was approved by Stéphanie Escoffier, Director of Research with the CNRS at the Marseilles Centre of Particule Physics and member of the SDSS project.

Children & adults will therefore learn and have fun while watching the show, but also afterwards! A research log has been developed to put six notions about light into practice through exercises.

We hope you will enjoy the show, please do not hesitate to contact us @   

Discover more details on GranPa & Zoe’s web page.

GranPa & Zoe: Mission Light Trailer Flat

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