Discover the Orion Nebula with SkyExplorer’s 3D Volumetric Model

Users & the audience can discover the most stunning & realistic renderings of the Orion Nebula, thanks to the 3D Volumetric Model available in SkyExplorer 2021.

SkyExplorer 2021 will help users & the audience spot this Nebula, which can be seen by the naked eye, and discover its beauty by travelling through & around it.

The Orion Nebula, also known as M42, is a cosmic cloud of dust and gas where new stars are forming, located in the constellation of Orion.
At only 1,344 light-years away from Earth, the Orion Nebula is the closest and one of the brightest nebulae visible from Earth, with the young stars responsible for most of the nebula’s glow.

This Nebula is highly important for astrophysical research, since stars that are at various stages of formation can be observed.

SkyExplorer 2021 enables users to explain to the audience how to spot the Orion Nebula, located in the sword of Orion, its brightest stars forming an asterism known as the Trapezium Cluster. 

SkyExplorer 2021 then enables users & the audience to discover the Orion Nebula thanks to the 3D volumetric model revealing M42 & M43 with the most realistic & scientifically accurate volumetric renderings. The 3D model was generated based on high-quality optical, infrared, radio and x-ray imagery available in the scientific literature.

Take a look at the video realized in real time with SkyExplorer 2021 to spot this Nebula & admire it up-close: Orion Nebula in SkyExplorer 2021.  

There are many more advanced 3D Models to discover in SkyExplorer 2021!


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