A very high altitude planetarium

The highest planetarium in Europe has just opened! It is located in the French mountains Pyrenees at 2,877 m high, on the emblematic summit of the Pic du Midi.

The Pic du Midi has been a famous scientific research site for more than a century, with the presence of an astronomical observatory. Its special location on the edge of the Pyrenees confers it exceptional observation conditions. In the 1960s, high resolution photographs of the surface of the Moon were taken from there in preparation for the Apollo missions.

The site, which is easily accessible by cable car, welcomes many tourists coming to admire the breath-taking panoramic view across the Franco-Spanish mountain chain and over the clouds.
The 7 m diameter planetarium was installed inside the oldest cupola of the observatory. This comfortable fulldome theatre features two video projectors BARCO F50 and the simulation software SkyExplorer. It takes place inside the museum space, which includes exhibition of the Pic’s human history.

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