A 4K 2D planetarium in a spaceship-shaped museum in South Korea

Gwangju National Science Museum opened 10 years ago with SkyExplorer and we are delighted they selected us once more for the renovation of their planetarium!

With our long-term partner in South Korea, we installed in the 12m dome of Gwangju National Science Museum a powerful 4K 2D digital system using 2 x 4K VPL-GTZ380 Sony projectors, our powerful astronomical software SkyExplorer and a JL Cooper Electronics Eclipse manual console.

We installed in the 12m dome 2 x 4K Sony VPL-GTZ380 projectors which reach 10,000 lumens each through a laser light source, achieve very high levels of contrasts thanks to the SXRD 4K panels, and offer rich colors reproducing the DCI-P3 color gamut without losing any brightness.
By combining Sony’s and our leading technologies, we achieved ultra-realistic and stunning images in real time with the highest levels of brightness and contrasts.

We also installed a JL Cooper Eclipse manual console enabling planetarium operators to go to their control desk at any time and control SkyExplorer without even needing to switch on the screen of the computer. This console with its customizable control surface offers users superior levels of control, great ease-of-use and tactile assurance, for smooth and fast controls.

A beautiful installation for this museum that specializes in light and science.
Many thanks to our long-term partner Metaspace for this great project!

GwangJu National Science Museum, powered by Metaspace & RSA Cosmos - Konica Minolta

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