RSA Cosmos in its conquest of Germany!

From 18 to 21 June 2013 the planetarium “Ramflug” in Cottbus, Germany was inaugurated with his new show “The frog and the stork.”

The choice of Mr Gerd Thiele?

A high quality digital and optical solution controlled by a single command console, the hybrid solution Chronos II from GOTO + ISS 2C HD from RSA Cosmos dethroned the old Zeiss system.

This installation which strengthens the Franco-Japanese partnership has been successfully received by the mayor of Cottbus, Mr Frank Szymanski, the German Minister of Education and the Director of the GDP, the Cottbus Director planetarium itself, Mr Gerd Thiele.
Our client emphasizes the importance of such renovation and the satisfaction of his system with these words:

“The SkyExplorer from RSA Comos offers a variety of ways to represent cosmic processes. This is especially important for us. Since 1974 we produce our own shows for the planetarium. Thanks to the SkyExplorer our shows are even more attractive. After just two weeks training we could finish the first own show. Collaboration with RSA Cosmos was before, during and after installation exemplary. Questions and problems are answered in no time. We are very happy with our new planetarium.”


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