Grand Opening of our 2nd LED Dome Planetarium with SkyExplorer!

We are delighted to announce the Official Opening of Konica Minolta Planetaria YOKOHAMA in Japan, revealing yet again our expertise in installing powerful fully operational LED Dome systems and in offering exceptional breathtaking experiences!

This Thursday March 24th, 2022, is yet another great day for our teams. On October 27th, 2021, we opened the World’s 1st LED Dome planetarium with SkyExplorer « Konica Minolta Planetarium MANTEN NAGOYA », and 5 months later we are opening the 2nd one!

Our teams are proud to offer a world-class experience to visitors:

Starting with a visual delight even before entering the planetarium!

Visitors will be mesmerized as soon as they approach the « Yokohama Gate Tower ». The architecture of the planetarium, a visible white sphere emerging from the ground, catches the eye. At night, the visual experience achieves its zenith: the white sphere is lit up and the pavement shines like a night sky. A fantastic visual experience to start off the astronomical journey!

Then taking-off on an absolute and breathtaking immersive journey through the Universe!

In the 15m dome of Planetaria Yokohama, we installed a high-performing Full 8K LED Dome system along with our powerful planetarium software SkyExplorer, named Media Globe ∑ SE in Japan. We achieve the most stunning and realistic images in real time with the most incredible renderings, the highest picture quality, the highest levels of brightness and contrasts, the widest color gamut, vivid colors and deep black colors, beautiful starry skies, and unprecedented quality.

In Planetaria YOKOHAMA, our directly managed theater, visitors can even contemplate the Universe from nice & comfortable sofas.

Our teams are eager to install further powerful LED Dome systems!

We can install LED Dome systems up to 16K resolutions, and for every dome size.

We have the expertise and know-how to offer LED Dome systems from 5K to 16K and for dome sizes between 7 and 23m, with the most efficient renderings as we have adapted our hardware and software to achieve the highest performing LED Dome displays.

We can also install flexible and customized curved shapes,

We are able to adapt to every design shape that is required.

Let’s embark on a fantastic journey together!

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