Alexander ADLI joins the RSA Cosmos-Konica Minolta Sales Team!

We are delighted to announce Alexander ADLI, strongly recognized in the planetarium industry, is joining our Sales Team. Alexander will be based in Japan and will be our Sales Representative in India, China, South Korea, Japan and South-East Asia, working closely with our partners in these regions.

Alexander has a long history in the planetarium industry with strong technical and business development expertise, and was trusted to be the sponsors coordinator of the IPS 2022 Conference.

Alexander worked for over 12 years for Ohira Tech, MEGASTAR, first of all as a software developer, then as a global business development manager working internationally to develop and promote planetariums and projection systems. He then worked as a projection expert for Sky Vision LLC in Tokyo.

With Alexander ADLI, we are looking forward to great team work to bring spectacular projects to life in Asia with the best local customer support!

“Back in 2010, in the ancient city of Alexandria and its famed Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s planetarium, I saw SkyExplorer for the first time. I was literally stunned by its impressive visual realism. That was also the time when I met some of the bright heads behind this majesty. Years passed, work continued! Life took me to South Korea, to the city of Miryang, where I had the opportunity to closely work with RSA team on facilitating the new planetarium with SkyExplorer Hybrid. It became clear that SkyExplorer is the leader simulator in the Industry! Not only the unmatched image quality and stunning realism, but a rich functionality and convenient user interface. Imagine, a journey from the Galaxy down to an interior of a building on Earth happens with seamless transition and in real time! It is a world of its own!
Now, after RSA Cosmos became part of Konica Minolta, we are truly an international team, powered by the wisdom of the East, and a one stop shop planetarium vendor.
I am delighted to be part of this team, and while based in Japan, I will be in close contact with our customers and partners in the Eastern part of the world.
History is being made!” says Alexander ADLI. 

Welcome Alexander from all the RSA Cosmos – Konica Minolta team!

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