A stunning installation for a stunning site: SkyExplorer in a giant igloo-shaped planetarium!

The impressive 23m Akita Furusatomura planetarium in Japan has reopened its doors with a high-performing hybrid system we installed, using 4K JVC DLA-VS4010 projectors, hybridized with the Infinium starball, and totally synchronized with SkyExplorer, named Media Globe ∑ SE in Japan.

The Akita planetarium offers visitors a wonderful all-around visual experience!

The incredible visual experience starts as soon as the visitors arrive on the site, thanks to the fascinating architecture highlighting a tradition in Yokote city, Akita: the “Kamakura festival”, a festival over 450 years old, displaying many igloo-like snow houses all around the city. Then it carries on inside in the impressive 23m dome with the amazing rendering achieved thanks to the powerful hybrid system we installed.

We installed 2 x 4K JVC DLA-VS4010 projectors offering high levels of contrast & brightness and superior image quality. We hybridized this high-performing digital system with Konica Minolta Planetarium’s powerful opto-mechanical system, an Infinium starball, to achieve the most realistic starry sky.
We totally synchronized these incredible technologies with our powerful astronomical software, SkyExplorer, named Media Globe ∑ SE in Japan, to deliver the most stunning & realistic fulldome experiences.

As Mr. Tekehiro Sato, the General manager of Akita Furusatomura, writes: “In SkyExplorer 2021, the latest version of SkyExplorer, the surfaces of the earth and planets, the animated motions of spacecraft 3D models are very realistic. It offers many functions that are useful for the earth science and education. We are looking forward to creating new presentations with SkyExplorer”.

Many thanks to the Akita Furusatomura team for this great installation.


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