A powerful hybrid system in an impressive Science Experience Center in Japan!

We installed in the 19.5 m planetarium of Toyota Hands-On Museum, 6 x 4K JVC projectors along with our powerful astronomical software SkyExplorer,  hybridized with our starball Konica Minolta Planetarium Infinium.

High-performing technologies brought together to offer stunning renderings and night sky observations!

We installed in the impressive 19.5 m dome 6 x 4K JVC DLA-VS4600 projectors offering high contrasts with smooth, detailed images, along with our software SkyExplorer, named Media Globe ∑ SE in Japan, totally synchronized with our Infinium starball, to offer stunning, realistic and educational night sky observations.

“Our team utilizes SkyExplorer, named Media Globe ∑ SE in Japan, integrated with the optical projector Infinium-S in our daily starry sky live talk shows. The representation of the red fluttering clouds and the changes in the sky at dusk realistically illustrates the evolution of time into the night, giving the audience the pleasure of finding the stars one by one. Also, for concerts and other events, the space tour, accompanied by music, moves smoothly from the sky in our Toyota city to outer space, allowing the audience to see the beautiful Earth and feel the depth of outer space reproduced by real-time simulation” says the planetarium team at Toyota Hands-On Museum. 

Incredible fulldome experiences to live in the impressive planetarium of this dynamic Science Experience Center!

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