A leading 8K 3D Interactive Planetarium in Poland

The spectacular 8K 3D Interactive Planetarium we installed with our long-term partner AB-Micro in Morskie Centrum Nauki in Poland opened its doors!

We are proud and delighted to be part of this fantastic Maritime Science Center, bringing a leading planetarium, both technologically and architecturally.

A fantastic event was organized for the grand opening: shows, performances, a water show, with the presence of Marshal Olgierd Geblewicz.

A powerful digital system for a spectacular site.

We brought together advanced technologies along with all the planetarium equipment in the 10m ball-shaped planetarium, suspended inside the ship-shaped building of the Maritime Science Center. We installed a powerful 8K 3D system using 5 x 4K Sony VPL-GTZ280 projectors, along with our astronomical software SkyExplorer, a Dome Screen, and great seats integrating our unequalled interactive technology, the Audience Response System.

Bringing memorable interactive experiences!

Our unequalled technology, the Audience Response System, offers highly dynamic planetarium sessions and brings great interaction between users & the audience, since each armrest is equipped with one control panel allowing the audience to participate to quiz, select scenarios, & take direct control of the movement of the camera in the simulation. “The only facility of this type in Poland with a voting system mounted in seats” said the director Witold Jabłoński.

Yet another great project in Poland!

We would like to thank our long-term partner AB-Micro and the team of the Morskie Centrum Nauki for this wonderful project!

Take a look at a great video showing the history of the construction of the Maritime Science Center from inception to opening: here

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