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SkyExplorer 4

SkyExplorer 4: Enter a New Age

Accurate software, developed with the scientific community

Scientific Galaxy

First Scientific interactive 3D Real Time galaxy

  • Over 159 billion stars
  • 10 million dust & gas particles
  • 117 000 HII regions
  • 50 000 Open clusters
Space time grid
3D Schwarzschild black hole accretion

Enjoy Annual Updating! See the features from previous years:

SkyExplorer V3.3

Easy use with educational features

KML database
Linking lines
3D paths

SkyExplorer V3.2

Other sciences in your dome!

NOAA Science on a Sphere
3D animated curiosity
Planet cut away
3D molecules in PDB format

SkyExplorer V3.1

Focus on Hyper Realism!

Off line High Resolution Terrain
Realisitic Saturns Rings
Exoplanet systems

SkyExplorer includes Open Cosmos database that evolves every year

  • Full Solar System
  • Over 13 000 satelites from SPACETRACK catalog
  • Over 400 000 asteroids from ASTORB catalog
  • Over 3 000 comets from NASA SSD JPL catalog
  • Oort Cloud simulation (NAOJ)
  • Over 100 000 stars from Hipparcos catalog
  • Over 400 exoplanets (Schneider, CPSC)
  • Over 49 000 quasars and 780 000 galaxies (2DF, SDSS, V8K and Tully Catalog)
  • WMAP…

Enjoy a large library of 3D objects

Volumetric Nebulae
Dynamical Comets

SkyExplorer v3