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RSA Cosmos offers a complete solution designed to control ALL of the equipment in your planetarium: from your 360 ° dome to the state of the art technologies that make it up.
Many people around the globe entertain and educate audiences with our planetariums, join them and choose RSA Cosmos!

Main components of RSA Cosmos planetariums

Screens From 5 to 30m in diameter, this special screen in a semi-sphere allows a fully immersive oriented or tilted projection.
Optical Solutions With our range of optical planetariums, give your audience the purity and realism of the stars which will delight adults and young.
Digital Solutions A set of projectors gives you a single digital image in the entire dome. Combined with our software SkyExplorer 4, you can project spectacular shows and take your audience within the planets and stars.
3D / 4D Solutions Exceed the limits of the screen with 3D technology! The stars really appear to infinity and your items will be located between the screen and the audience!
Hybrid Solutions Combine the beauty of a pure and ultra realistic optical starry sky with the educational opportunities of the digital and imagine that these two technologies are one! RSA Cosmos Hybrid Solutions bring you excellence.
Seats Comfortable, interactive or 4D seats, sit with an inclination specially designed to offer you the best possible view no matter where your position is in the planetarium. These seats can be 4D, that is to say 3 movable and equipped axes with special effects. (air projection, water spray, tremor in the legs, etc..)
Sound With our professional sound solution, impress your audience!
Lighting Mood lighting, entertainment, conference or maintenance, your RSA Cosmos planetarium is specially designed so you can see clearly at all times.
SkyExplorer 4 Software Fly your audience through a universe that is both realistic and spectacular. Our astronomical simulation software Sky Explorer 4 projects you in real time among the planets and stars.
DomeManager Software Take control of your planetarium! DomeManager drives all of the integrated equipment in your installation. Its interface is specially designed to the needs of planetariums and can perform live sessions, prepare performances with a graphical editor and is particularly easy to use and manage all resources (images, 3D, audio and video).
Add-Ons & Production Tools Enough to create and prepare your own shows and live sessions outside the planetarium: graphic production stations, post production stations, film editing, sound, video and 3D rendering farm, storage servers, etc..
Multimedia Conference system, video conferencing system, connection to the facilities of your museum, projection of images from a telescope... RSA Cosmos offers various solutions to diversify the use of your planetarium.

Our  solutions have been used to equip planetariums of the Cité des Sciences in Paris, the Cité de l'Espace in Toulouse, the Theme Park "Rainbow Magic Land" in Rome, the Museum of Roman Culture in Rome, the Museo of sciencia in Madrid, the Royal Planetarium in Brussels, the Tunis Science City, etc ...

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