Brno Observatory and Planetarium

37 minutes

  • Audience: General admission
  • Category: Astronomy
  • Technology: 3D
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Language: Czech more

We are inhabitants of a water world. Inhabitants of a space oasis speeding through empty space somewhere between the orbits of Venus and Mars. Water forms our planet as well as ourselves. Its possible shortage raises concern because we are well aware we cannot do without it. It is the first thing we pack for any trip, be it even a short one. And that is while we are still down here on Earth, where water is plentiful.

But what if we set out for a longer journey? Like into space? Undoubtedly, we will be bringing water with us. However, every kilo counts when it comes to paying for rocket fuel. Hence it should come as no surprise that searching for water in our vicinity – within the Solar System – is amongst the priorities of modern astronomy. We will trace water across the whole Solar System: in deep lunar craters, in the scorching heat of the Venusian atmosphere, in deserts of Martian lands or on frozen satellites of Jupiter and Saturn. We will fly over gigantic ice floes, hidden oceans and icy showers of marvelous cryovolcanoes.