Kitz the Cat’s – Secret of the Space Station

KWON O CHUL AstroPhotography

30 minutes

  • Audience: School groups/Children
  • Category: Family
  • Technology: 2D
  • Genre: Film
  • Resolution: 4K

Explore the International Space Station with the cats!

The Earth in the far future, where humanity no longer exists.
Cats that survived in the debris left behind by humanity have evolved into intelligent beings.

The three cats, Kitz, Tutti, and Pepe, are working as cleaners at NYASA.
Weird signals were detected in the largest space junk in Earth’s orbit (Humans called it the International Space Station)!
Today’s mission is to investigate the space station floating like a ghost ship!

Kitz, Tutti, and Pepe meet an A.I. on the space station that has endured tens of thousands of years of solitude.
The A.I.’s wish is to leave Earth’s orbit and go on an endless expedition into the far reaches of space.
Will the cats be able to fulfill the A.I.’s wish?

Hommage the historic space program!

  – International Space Station: How do astronauts live in space?
  – Pioneer program : Humanity sent a letter to aliens.
  – Voyager program : The story of humanity’s first space probe to leave the solar system