HOW IT WAS TOLD TO ME: Maori Legends from New Zealand

OHU Domes

17 minutes

  • Audience: General admission
  • Category: Life & Earth Sciences
  • Technology: 2D
  • Genre: Film
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Language: English

HOW IT WAS TOLD TO ME: MĀORI LEGENDS FROM NEW ZEALAND, is a collection of three theatrical short animations which can be screened individually or showcased as a complete collection.

THE CREATION STORY tells the tale of Ranginui the Sky Father and Papatūanuku the Earth Mother, and their many children plotting to separate them.

In RONA AND THE MOON we learn how Marama, the Moon, came to look the way it does in our southern skies today.

THE GREAT WAKA tells of the creation of The Milky Way with all its constellations, and how they have been used through the ages to guide Polynesian sailors navigating the southern seas.

These award-winning theatrical animations were created by OHU Domes and feature recordings of traditional Māori instruments by Dr Richard Nunns, narration by Te Kohe Tuhaka, Tānea Heke, Rangimoana Taylor and sound design by Dylan Storey.