Saint-Etienne Planetarium Production

24 minutes

  • Audience: School groups/Children
  • Category: Family
  • Technology: 2D
  • Genre: Film

Eugène Milkman, nicknamed Milky, is an old robot, a small but a strong man, who delivers milk for 800 years for the company Galaktos, through all the Galaxy. Starting his new tour, he takes Craig McIntosh, a young internship hardly gone out of school, to ensure his training. Both take off for a journey through the Milky Way; Milky evokes its memories of career while Craig discovers brilliant cosmic landscapes. From stars to nebulas, this fantastic trip will drive them up to the dreadful black hole hidden in the center of our Galaxy …

A scientific fiction for all the family: crazy characters for youngs, faithful astronomical objects for the oldest. A film to understand the real shape of the Milky Way which can be observed in the sky, including astonishing walkthrough celestial landscape which compose it.


Galaktos Trailer Flat