Services RSA Cosmos


From design to the completion of your planetarium, RSA Cosmos accompanies you throughout your project. Our international experience allows us to have a mastery of all problems: design, installation, maintenance, operation and propose innovative solutions that meet all kinds of expectations. More than achieving a technological system, it is your satisfaction and that of your prospective visitors that motivate us.


cubetileWe are able to help you clarify your needs whether in terms of technology, timeline, budget control or in terms of production, warranty, etc.

Working with RSA Cosmos will project you forward today, into the future of your planetarium.


designOptical, digital and hybrid planetarium, each installation is unique. If the outlines can quickly define the directions to take, the detailed design of your planetarium validates all the aspects of your installation.

  • What will be the flow of the public?
  • How to position the seats (tilted or oriented dome)?
  • Where the different equipments will be placed?
  • How your maintenance team will access them to change consumables or to operate on them?
  • Do the position and design of the control panel meet your needs?
  • How the material will be protected from the public?
  • Are all elements of the building complying with the acoustics practice, surface treatments and light pollution? Etc…

Our team of project managers are able to handle all of these aspects in direct relationship with the companies and with the technical direction of the project.


project managementRSA Cosmos is present from the site construction to the training of your staff.

A project manager will be your main contact and will ensure the organization of different interventions.

Our service can support:

  • Fulldome screen
  • Seats
  • Electricity
  • Lighting
  • Audio and acoustics
  • Air conditioning
  • Installation and calibration of the planetarium projection system
  • All multimedia devices (lecture, video conferencing, interactivity ...)
  • Supply and installation of your shows


formationTraining will be conducted on site. Daily training includes theoretical and practical lessons. Furthermore, the usability of Dome Manager ensures quick and effective learning. Training your staff includes:

  • The use of the planetarium
  • First level maintenance
  • The animation of astronomical live sessions
  • Show or full-dome sequence production


RSA Cosmos will propose to you, different types of maintenance and warranty. Our systems operate reliably, show after show.  However, in case of failure, we are always available to remedy the situation.

RSA Cosmos guarantees the installation of a turnkey planetarium.