RSA Cosmos

About RSA Cosmos 


 1980 :

Creation of the company RSAI specialized in the realization of electronic cards and microprocessors for industrial applications.


1987 : 

The management team forecasted the advent of digital launches and R & D for four years to reach its solution In Space SystemTM, which allows real-time travel across the universe.


2002 : 

Installation of the first fully digital planetarium with a real time astronomical simulation.

rsa cosmos

2003 :

Birth of "RSA Cosmos" and separation with the industrial activity of RSAI. RSA Cosmos becomes one of the few manufacturers in the world to perfectly master the optical and digital technology. 


2007 :

Launch of hybrid planetariums with a perfect synchronization of the two machines optical and digital. 


2010 :

From technology to science. Collaboration with various research institutions (CNRS and Paris Observatory) to integrate into its software the latest astro-scientific discoveries.


2011 :

Construction of the first 4D planetarium in Europe at RainBow Magic Land theme Park near to Rome.




Entertainment. First 3D planetarium in France installed in the city of St Etienne.