Water, a Cosmic adventure

Association des Planétariums de Langue Française

30 minutes

  • Audience: General admission
  • Category: Life & Earth Sciences
  • Technology: 2D
  • Genre: Documentary

This show, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of ESO, tells the cosmic story of water, and brings some answers to the important questions : “Who are we? from where do we come? are we alone ?”. With the astrophysicist Eva Luna, we are immersed in the deep space and in fantastic timescales. We will discover the turbulent primordial universe, and the mechanisms to upsetting the stellar hearts, thanks 3D animations following the steps of stellar evolution. In music, we will admire the southern sky rotating above the VLT, we visit the Atacama desert, thanks a totally innovative PANOPTIC Camera! The still secret 3D models of the E-ELT allow us to discover this prestigious ESO instrument, where Eva Luna is observing in 2022 on the search of an “other world”.