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Give your audience the benefit of the Fulldome immersion experience added to the educational power of ultra-realistic astronomical simulation software.

digital F70 Barco


If you are a 2D planetarium and want to increase your attendance, then 3D technology might be a good solution to attract families during the weekends.

3D Christie-D4k40


If you are a university, an observatory or you are located in a dark zone, then a hybrid product would be a good option for you to reveal the beauty of your sky and respect its accuracy.

hybrid Sony GTZ280

Our technical partners

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Digital solution


Robustness of our solutions &
multi specialized company

Longevity of our computer linux core
PC Config. 100% adapted to your system
Certification by our providers sony/barco
Innovating partner 1st real 8K in europe

Choose your Digital System

European standards to ensure a good quality projection system:

Resolution (size of the pixel side): <7.5 mm
Brightness: > 12 lm/m²
Contrast: > 2 000 : 1

LED projectors

  • Best color results
  • Energy savings of 30%
  • Up to 100,000 hour lifetimes

LASER projectors

  • High brightness (up to 30 000 lm/prj)
  • High contrast (up to 20 000:1)
  • Last 20 000 hours

3D solution


Technology Advantages

Increase the entertainment for your audiencec
Better communication of concepts to your visitors
Increase your weekend attendance

3D Infitec Stereo

  • 2 projectors (left + right) with color filters Glasses with left/right color filters
  • 2 images projected on the dome at the same time

3D Active Stereo

  • 1 projector working at 120 Hz electronic glasses with infrared emitter
  • 1 image projected on the dome alternating at 120 Hz

Best practices to manage your 3D glasses

Sets of glasses
Plan for your cleaning system
Anti-theft door usually is not necessary
Plan for a practical way to collect your glasses
Ask your audience “Do not bend temples of glasses”

Hybrid solution


Technology Advantages

Beauty of the sky
Realism and accuracy of the stars
Observatories, dark sky zone, universities

Cosmo Leap Σ

cosmos leap

Infinium Σ


Discover Konica Minolta’s Ultimate Technology: Cosmo Leap & Infinium.

Our hybridization technology allows the two systems, optical and digital, to work together in perfect synchronization.

Now available for digital systems


SkyExplorer is also able to hybridize with other optical projectors & manual consoles, contact us for more information.