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Users Forum 2015 : Nantes Planetarium

From June 29th to July 1st, 2015 the Nantes Planetarium welcomed the Second Meeting of SkyExplorer Users. A cheerful atmosphere accompanied these days of meeting and sharing between people working for planetariums all over the world.

Many participants presented animations they had prepared, which enabled an effective sharing of teaching methods and new ideas for using SkyExplorer. Instructive and/or artistic, each demonstration was more interesting than the last. A big thank you to everybody who took part and enhanced the Forum with his/her work! The speakers were rewarded for their demonstrations during an award ceremony in the presence of M. Gildas SALAUN, elective representative of Nantes in charge of scientific culture.

Training workshops enabled users to go deeper into the use of the RSA Cosmos software. The participants also had the opportunity to attend a scientific conference by M. Olivier GRASSET, researcher at the Laboratory of Planetology and Geodynamics of Nantes, who taught the audience the space mission JUICE that will explore Jupiter’s moons.

During the Forum, RSA Cosmos presented the software’s improvements, particularly a few of the upcoming version 3.3 of SkyExplorer, and consulted the users in order to develop the next innovations in accordance with their needs.
The first Users Meeting was under snow, this time heatwave and a spectacular Venus-Jupiter conjunction joined the event !

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