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RSA COSMOS meets the astronaut Paolo Nespoli who returns from a 159 day mission in space!

We were proud to receive the visit of Paolo Nespoli, ESA Astronaut (European Space Agency), at our booth during the ECSITE event in Toulouse.

As you can imagine, we could not resist the urge to show him our astronomical simulation software SkyExplorer V3, to get his thoughts … this astronaut who has actually seen our Earth from space! In a simple and friendly manner, Mr. Nespoli took a few minutes of his time to explain his six months of life in the International Space Station. He was keen on seeing our 3D model and explain how the space station was organized and show us the location where the astronaut team lived!

His final question was:

– “Can we see inside? “

Not yet Mr. Nespoli … But who knows, maybe the next ECSITE!

ECSITE is an annual event held the first weekend of June. It brings together the entire network of museums and science centers in Europe. It gives these institutions the opportunity to connect and discuss projects and activities with one another. It also serves to facilitate the exchange of ideas on existing problems.

RSA Cosmos was an official sponsor of the ECSITE 2012 … in order to contribute, as always, to education and innovation.