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RSA COSMOS formalizes its partnership with ASH and GOTO Inc at the 2012 International Planetarium Society Conference.

The 21st International Planetarium Society conference took place this year at Louisiana Art Science Museum (LASM) in Baton Rouge (U.S.) from July 22nd through July 26th, 2012.

This conference was an opportunity to demonstrate the concept of the hybrid planetarium GOTO by RSA Cosmos: with an automatic synchronization of the motion between the digital planetarium SkyExplorer V3 and any one of the GOTO optical planetariums (Pandia / CHRONOS / Chiron). This demonstration was performed with the beautiful Pandia planetarium, projecting a spectacular starry sky in a dome of 9m, and the solution HD 2C Inspace System ™ from RSA Cosmos. Moreover thanks to the new manual console, the hybrid planetarium GOTO by RSA Cosmos is now a professional interactive solution totally tailored to the needs of any planetarium.

At the heart of the Inspace System ™ solution, SkyExplorer V3 software was presented in 4K resolution in the dome of 18m with its latest developments. Wishing to make an impressive demonstration and placing the presenter in the center of our concerns, the unique features of the SkyExplorer V3 were presented by the whimsical Dottore Stellarium*, from Rome. A memorable and unique presentation, full of novelties (3D comet with dynamic management of plasma and dust tails, Helix nebula with a 3D volumetric rendering, realistic representation of the rocky planet surface, simulation of Saturn’s rings …) reminds us that our business is to create a tool that users will know better how to use, producing funny and educational scientific animations.

Historically linked to French culture, Louisiana was the best place to announce our business and technical partnership in the U.S. market with ASH Enterprises which became the official representative of RSA Cosmos solutions in the USA. All sharing the same vision of partnership with users and commitment to service, we are pleased to be represented by such a qualified and dedicated technical team. ASH Enterprises is also a reseller of GOTO solutions and this three cornered collaboration allows us to offer all of the possible configurations: optical, digital, hybrid, 4K, 3D, 4D planetariums…

* Dottore alias Gabriele Catanzaro from Stellarium Planetarium di Roma (Italy)