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RainBow Magic Land

A planetarium in an amusement park? This is no ordinary installation, but a 4D planetarium! It is currently the only one in the world!

Inaugurated in February 2011, Rainbow Magic Land is an amusement park located a few kilometers south of Rome in Italy.
This planetarium has a 23m dome and 240 seats with a focus on “fun” above all else.

Equipped with our ISS 6C HD HighBrightness 3D solution, this planetarium projects a 3D stereoscopic image utilizing PASSIVE INFITEC technology.

But more than just stereoscopic, this particular planetarium is equipped with 4D seats.
Each block of four seats moves in three-dimensions thanks to a patented pneumatic technology from the Austrian company KRAFTWERK.

This is the only technology that allows movements both extremely soft and slow but also fast and quick. But that’s not all! These seats are equipped with special effects: air projection in the face, air projection in the neck, tickling legs, mist spray in the face, and vibrations integrated in the seat!

The show “Dawn of the Space Age” produced by Mirage 3D along with 3D video plus 4D seating takes the planetarium to an all new dimension! Imagine! The 3D stereoscopy already offers total immersion, but the audience is also tossed back for each takeoff, slow circular motion when the camera get close to the orbit of spaceships, shaken and vibrated during crashes of probes on the lunar soil, mist sprayed when the public passes close to the pipes under pressure, surprised by the air at the start of the nozzles, etc. … !

A balanced use of these special effects provides the audience with a sensory and playful experience as well as a show with educational purposes. Is this not the goal of any planetarium?