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New version of SkyExplorer v3

Beginning in September 2015, version 3.3 of the astronomical simulation software has been installed with updates in new RSA Cosmos installations. Several improvements and new features enable an even more realistic and didactic sky exploration.

Among the new features you will find:

  • Teaching tools

Tides representation
2D and 3D graduated inter-objects lines, with display of real-time distance
Dynamic ecliptic line

  • Astronomical content

Volumetric models of globular clusters (145 different from scientific data)
New HD photographic and elevation patches on Earth/Mars/Moon
Better texture of bodies from latest discoveries (such as Pluton, Ceres, Vesta, comet 67P/CG)
More new 3D planetary nebulae

  • Space exploration

New 3D models of spacecraft (including Juno and Philae)
Creation and import of 3D paths

  • Easier use of the software

Simpler commands for several astronomical marks (equatorial, ecliptic, galactic or horizontal)
More formats of HD patches supported – including WMS
The convenient “port Noon” to reach planets and satellites on day side …

And many more !