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New solution !!! InSpaceSystem 2C 3K

2013 was a very fruitful year for RSA Cosmos. Recently 3 planetariums got their brand new ISS 2C 3K.

The project of Ghardaïa (Algeria) started in march 2005 thanks to the youth and sports department of Ghardaïa’s Wilaya. Planned to be a mobile planetarium at first, it was finally decided to build a fix one in 2007. The building construction started in 2010 before the call for tender issued in 2012. The finale installation was made in June 2013 and the opening in December the 11th.

The planetarium which is part of the Leisure and Science Center has a 9,3m diameter screen housing 55 seats. The project was broadly taken in charge by our local partner : ICON Technology who entirely made the installation.

The Wali of the region who has honored the planetarium’s inauguration with his presence had witnessed the popular success received by the planetarium from all the people of Ghardaïa !

The planetarium of Nantes (France) just re-opened with a much more performing system. Since 2005, the planetarium was using the ISS 5C SX+ solution. The people of Nantes can now enjoy the new ISS 2C 3K solution.

Besides the improvement of images quality, the new equipment now has the last version of SkyExplorer V3 software offering a wide capacity of simulation. From now on, the planetarium team can also produce their own shows offline with the production station SkyExplorer V3 installed in their office.

Despite of the technical and timing restrictions needed not to close the planetarium too long, the installation and the training lasted less than one month!

The project of Coimbra planetarium (Portugal) started in 2007. It’s only in 2013 that the call for tender issued for the equipment was gained by RSA Cosmos in collaboration with AUDINOVA.

In Coimbra, Casa Municipal da Cultura, people can also enjoy the ultra-performing equipment that runs the solution ISS 2C 3K.

The installation lasted only 2 weeks and it was made by RSA Cosmos and Jason Statham from ASH Enterprises, our partner in the United States.

These three planetariums are now operational to welcome visitors and make the audience enjoy the last simulations offered by SkyExplorer V3 !

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