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James Sweitzer predicted a NASA landing site

In 2016, we had the chance to work with James Sweitzer (Planetarium consultant, past Director of NASA Space Center, past Director of Astrophysics Education at the American Museum of Natural History, past Assistant Director of the Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica, past Assistant Director and Astronomer at Adler Planetarium), on a conference about Mars landing site selection presented by James Albury (Planetarium coordinator at Kika Siva Pla Planetarium at Santa Fe College (Florida) during the IPS 2016 in Warsaw (Poland).

During the meeting, SkyExplorer software was used to fly to Mars and present the challenges of a Mars Mission as well as the different factors studied to select the future landing sites.

The amazing thing is that among the few sites James Sweitzer predicted, his favorite one was the Jezero crater which is the one NASA chose to be the future Mars rover landing site!

If you want more information, The Washington Post wrote an article about the NASA’s Jezero crater project (see link down below) :