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IPS 2014, new progress revealed in China!

For the 22nd edition of the International Planetarium Society Conference which took place in Beijing from 23rd to 27th June 2014, RSA Cosmos stunned the audience during the presentation of its new release, SkyExplorer 3.2.

New nebulas, Voyager probe, Curiosity rover, all these new features were presented and animated in real time 3D by RSA Cosmos. And who else than Doctor Stellarium alias Gabrielle Catanzaro from Roma planetarium to make an impression with his original presentation that also attracted the Spanish TV who came to make a report that deal with fulldome films production.

There is a lot to remember about this edition including the Mid Conference Tour in the Forbidden City and the Sky Temple. Also the scientific conferences among these from European Southern Observatory and the Planetarium of Melbourne dealing with extra galactic data that were followed with attention by our team in order to improve SkyExplorer next versions. We also enjoyed the fact that the Chinese are more and more interested in astronomy and as a consequence, the amount of museums dedicated to that science is increasing. Fantastic opportunities for the planetarium world are expected in this country!

We are proud to have welcomed so many visitors on our booth, we wanted to thanks everyone for coming!

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